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The Field and the Food

Blinking an eye, running a touchdown, taking a test, even sleeping: everything that student-athletes do, every minute of the day, depends on energy, and energy comes from the nutrients in their food. The healthier the food, the greater the energy. The more lacking in nourishment, the more difficult their aspirations. Our goal is to help children cultivate nourishing food choices.

How It Works

In the GameDay Nutrition workshops, Boston area middle school students enrolled in Harlem Lacrosse discover the vital role nutrition plays in academic and athletic achievement. Volunteer senior varsity lacrosse players from St. Sebastian’s School learn basic nutrition geared toward a focus on sports. Before presenting to the middle schoolers, the seniors, coached by a volunteer thespian,  practice their delivery on St. Sebastian middle schoolers. When they present to Boston middle school student-athletes, their mutual love of lacrosse helps the students listen, learn, and reimagine food as fuel.

We Know That Well-Being Is About More Than Eating The Right Foods

Coach Adam White: “GameDay Nutrition has been a tremendous learning experience and leadership opportunity for the student-athletes at St. Sebastian’s. More importantly, we feel like we’re having a real impact on the young athletes who learn about nutrition and health through this fun and innovative program.”

Donny, uncle of a Harlem Lacrosse student-athlete: “Harlem Lacrosse teaches sportsmanship. The kids might be learning that at home, but it’s better when they learn together. Like a family, they build bonds with each other.”


  • An estimated 12 million children struggle with hunger in America.
  • Children who have enough food may be eating meals that lack sufficient nourishment.
  • Black and Latinx children (95% of the students GameDay Nutrition serves) are twice as likely as white children to suffer malnourishment.

The result is an unprecedented surge in food-related illnesses among American children.

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Our sponsors: Tufts University Food Lab, St. Sebastian’s School, the Boston chapter of Harlem Lacrosse, and our volunteer advisors.

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